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Drink one 10 ml bottle 30-60 minutes before sexual intercourse .
Ampule per day is recommended for the maintenance of health and for a treatment course of 16 days.

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Product Description

Your first few days at university are all about making new friends and finding your feet in a new city. But after the excitement of Freshers’ Week, this is also the time new students are most likely to visit a sexual health clinic. Most universities in the UK hand out free condoms in Freshers’ Week. However we offer you FREE Delivery on your favourite product to POWERFULLY INCREASE YOUR SEX DRIVE.

Promise Us to be Cautious and YOU WILL LOVE IT-So spice up your life and give Tianli a try, with 100% no side effects.
Tianli has an amazing history, being first used at the imperial court of China. Bu taking this natural treatment, you will enjoy a reinvigorated sexual impulse.
The product is 100% natural, made from wild herbs refining and extraction processes.

Many of those who used Tianli said they were pleased with the results, confirming that the effects promised guaranteed happiness. It also promises  to relive you from fatigue, eliminate weakness, insomnia, premature graying, and sexual impotence.

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